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Moon Phase Calendar & Compass

Moon Phase Calendar & Compass

Moon Phase Calendar & Compass

This application is not only an advanced lunar calendar with notifications, but also a valuable source of information on the Moon in chosen location. In the application it is possible to check e.g. current phase of the Moon, the illumination and the dates of subsequent phases. The application shows also useful information about the Sun, dawn, twilight and important phenomena of light.

Moon Phase Calendar & Compass is dedicated for:

  • people who feel the influence of the Moon on their body - the calendar of the Moon phases allows to carefully plan important events so that the Moon favors its implementation. This application will notify up to 3 days in advance about Full Moon, New Moon, First Quarter or Last Quarter. In addition, it is possible to observe phenomena such as perigee (the Moon closest to the Earth) or apogee (the Moon farthest to the Earth) - thanks to this it is known when the influence of the Moon is strongest or the weakest.

  • astronomy amateurs - view of the compass with the visualization of the azimuths of the Moon and the Sun will allow a better understanding of the phenomena associated with them (at school, university or during independent observation). The compass shows through colored arches the visibility of the Sun or the Moon in the sky on a given day in the selected location.

  • photographers - the view of the Sun allows to check when there is a "golden hour" and "blue hour", so it is possible to take beautiful and professional photos outdoors.

App screenshots for iPhone



The Moon view

more than 15 useful parameters


The Sun view

more than 10 useful parameters

Calendar view

all usefull information in one month view



azimuths of the Sun and the Moon visualized on one view



widget with the current phase of the Moon



alarms for: Full Moon, New Moon, First Quarter and Last Quarter

Available parameters

The Moon:

  • current phase name and visualization
  • rise and set times
  • rise and set azimuth
  • age in days
  • illumination in percentage
  • counter to next Full Moon
  • counter to next New Moon
  • dates with next four phases of the Moon
  • meridian passing: time, illumination, altitude (elevation)
  • distance from the Moon to the Earth
  • altitude
  • azimuth
  • perigee (the Moon closest to the Earth)
  • apogee (the Moon farthest to the Earth)
  • lunar zodiac

The Sun:

  • rise and set times
  • rise and set azimuth
  • time of noon with altitude (elevation)
  • day lenght
  • night length
  • dawn: civil, nautical, astronomical
  • twilight: civil, nautical, astronomical
  • golden hour
  • blue hour
  • zodiac


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Privacy policy

The privacy policy of the Moon Phase Calendar & Compass application as part of App Store.

The Moon Phase Calendar & Compass application in the App Store version for iPads and iPhones does not process User's personal data, since the collection, processing and use of such data by the application is not necessary for its proper functioning. The Moon Phase Calendar & Compass application will also not collect and use any Users' personal data for marketing purposes.

The Moon Phase Calendar & Compass application uses the necessary minimum of available API for the proper functioning of the application:

  • Access to the web: the ability to display homepage, Maps for location setup and ads in the application

  • Location: automatic location search and setup (optional)

  • Notification: display notifications to the user about configured Moon Phases (optional)

This Privacy Policy is only supplementary to the App Store privacy policy. The authors of the application are not responsible for the App Store privacy policy and for complying with the provisions of the Act on the Protection of Personal Data and the Electronic Services Provision as part of App Store.

Questions and doubts regarding the privacy policy Users can send via e-mail:


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