We provide tested, powerful and light mobile apps for Android and iOS

Welcome on our official webpage

If you are on our site, you are probably our App user. In our applications, we pay a lot of attention to reliability and usability. Good design and look are also important for us. Thanks to that we create applications with great UX (User Experience).


probadoSoft name meaning

probado: the word probado in Spanish means tested, tried and proven → we pay a lot of attention to producing good, useful and well-tested software

soft: abbreviation of the word software → we are involved in software development, especially in Android and iOS applications

Our Values

Mission: providing the highest quality software to the user

Vision: create a better software and support users every day through useful applications





We are testing all apps before release but it is possible that there is an issue. Moreover, there may be issue on your device that we did not test. Do not hesitate and contact us using the address provided below.

If you have an idea for improving our product, share your idea with us and we will try to implement it.

Support contact:


Contact us:

Jozefoslaw, Poland, EU


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