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Baby Sleep Sounds & Noises

Baby Sleep Sounds & Noises

Baby Sleep Sounds & Noises

If your child has problems falling asleep - this app is for you! Choose the best sound from over 25 different sounds and noises, e.g.

  • dryer noise

  • vacuum cleaner noise

  • washing machine noise

  • white / pink / brown noises

  • sea sound

  • blood noise

  • rain sound

  • sounds of nature

  • monotonous clatter of the train

  • and many other relaxing sounds!

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over 25 pleasant sounds



an intuitive interface



aesthetic appearance



create a list of favorite sounds



works in the background


Locked Screen

works with the locked screen

The intuitive interface and aesthetic appearance of the application make you happy to use it. You can create a list of your favorite sounds and adjust the playing time of the recording (up to 24 hours).


The application works in the background - thanks to this you can simultaneously read a book, receive e-mails, browse the internet, etc.!


The application works with the turned off and locked screen - this saves you battery!

Many parents have confirmed the effectiveness of this application - you and your child will also provide a deep and uninterrupted sleep!


We are testing all apps before release but it is possible that there is an issue. Moreover, there may be issue on your device that we did not test. Do not hesitate and contact us using the address provided below.

If you have an idea for improving our product, share your idea with us and we will try to implement it.

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The Baby Sleep Sounds & Noises application uses the necessary minimum of available API for the proper functioning of the application:

  • Access to the web: the ability to display homepage and ads in the application

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